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Your Lady Toast Master

For any occasion with a touch of grandeur, the Toastmaster is the starter, the director of people, the diplomat and guide.

Joyce has over 20 years experience as a Banqueting Manager, so knows what is going on both behind the scenes and in the spotlight. Often taking to role of Master of Ceremonies, compere or announcer, Joyce is very proud to be the first Lady Toast Master trained with the London Guild of Toast Masters, a highly esteemed organisation.

Duties on the day are dictated by your event, and range from liaising with the venue, welcoming guests, announcing speeches, aiding with etiquette and in general being the central person to whom your guests will seek for guidance and reassurance.

I will advise on correct form, cue music, organise the photographer, herd guests and when necessary delve into my emergency supply of hankies, safety pins, crayons, tights and many other forgotten items to ensure your day is smooth, calm and memorable for the right reasons.

First Trained Lady Toast Master with
the London Guild of Toastmasters

Joyce, your lady toastmaster specialising in Weddings and Family Events ...

... bringing confidence, experience, humour and guidance to your special event

"For guidance, advice and peace of mind, giving you the opportunity to relax and enjoy your function. I will advise on speeches and protocol and be there to address any concerns you may have..."